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About ClassifiedEssays.com

We are a team of like-minded people who established Classified Essays to help students all over the world. It all began a few years ago when we, as students, helped each other complete our own assignments. Shortly after, we discovered that other students need help too: that is when Classified Essays was created. It is an online service that provides help with academic assignments all over the world. Our main aim is to help hundreds of students pass their tests and home assignments by giving advice and helping to get to know the subject better.

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We extremely care about the eternal enhancement of the product’s quality, customer’s and writer’s satisfaction levels.

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We are passionate about the possibility to meet the goals of all who come to us, both, writers, by giving them the opportunity to earn fair wages and students, to receive a quality service.

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Our services touch people almost in every country in a world. That makes us feel happy.

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The Best Custom Essay Service Provider

We aim to become the bridge in between the students and scholars by provide them the reliable writing services at a suitable price. We are very concerned with the deadline as we understand submitting assignments after the deadline can cause students in form of deserving grades. We always try to deliver the end product before the given deadline. So, students can go through the entire assignment before finally submitting it to the instructor. Our end product is always optimum, high in quality, and 100% plagiarism free.

We have managed to achieve:

We are one of the most preferred among the other assignment writing help providers. What actually set us apart from our competitors is the specialization and the unbeatable features such as:

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